ADNA has been created to be the first independent and integrated law firm for Africa. We deliver on the ground support and legal advice to clients worldwide with a tailored approach to delivering legal advice in North and West Africa with a pan-African vision.

ADNA is eager to disrupt the status quo to best serve its clients by being as ambitious as those it works with, helping you to navigate business and provide bespoke legal solutions. Our purpose is to work alongside you to access, deliver, negotiate, and advise you to close deals successfully.

Our ambition knowns no bounds, at ADNA, we are more than just a law firm, we are committed to shaping the future of African law.


As a timeless law firm, ADNA has a long-term commitment towards talent, clients and Africa. A commitment to secure and maintain the legacy of excellence.


ADNA is near.



ADNA is inclusive.



ADNA is far-reaching.

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