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Webinar highlighting Côte d’Ivoire as a key destination for Portuguese investments

March 16th, 2023: In partnership with JPAB – José Pedro Aguiar-Branco Advogados, The AEP – Portuguese Business Association organized a webinar highlighting Côte d’Ivoire as a key destination for Portuguese investments.

ADNA was chosen as the preferred partner firm in Côte d’Ivoire for the event. After the presentation of the business climate and robust economic performance of Côte d’Ivoire, Sydney DOMORAUD OPERI, our Managing Partner of the Abidjan office, presented the administrative contracts used in the context of major infrastructure projects (#PPP contract and public procurement).

Several other topics were discussed: #Project Financing, FIDIC – International Federation of Consulting Engineers construction contracts, presentation of the CNP-PPP (Comité National de Pilotage des Partenariats Public-Privé), etc.
We are delighted with this initiative, which contributes to the strengthening of business relations between #Portugal and French-speaking #Africa.

ADNA is honored to be able to support the AEP and Portuguese companies in their projects in Côte d’Ivoire, and more generally in French-speaking Africa.

We warmly thank the AEP and our fellow colleagues from
JPAB – José Pedro Aguiar-Branco Advogados (Patricia Rosario)